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Wavelengths Recovery, LLC.



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We will work with each participant, adhering to an individualized care plan, to help enhance self-awareness, heighten understanding of what triggers their particular addiction, provide the tools to live a peaceful, meaningful and rewarding sober life and support them all along the way. Our hope is to thereby reduce the impact of drug and alcohol abuse among our participants, their families and our communities.

We adhere to a structured and active program based on the community being the treatment agent and mutual peer self-help (Each One, Teach One). The comprehensive treatment model encompasses four recovery process stages: admission; primary treatment and assessment; development and implementation of individualized care plan; and independent life skills learning. The stage format allows gradual progress, rewarding improvement with increased independence and responsibility. Goals, objectives, and expected outcomes are established for each stage and are integrated with goals specific to each participant in an individual treatment plan. Staff members function as role models, rational authorities, and guides.


Wavelengths Recovery

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