Hot Deal

Offer Valid: 09/27/2018 - 09/29/2020
Wellness Education
Hello community of Orange County. We are proud to introduce our free community wellness workshops. Twice a month, REPAIR SI will have a medical and or sport professional discuss come topics such as; low back and sciatica, the overhead athlete and mindfulness. We look to provide free education to people that are on the forefront of making their well-being the center of their lives. Please feel free to call 714-377-4314 for further information.

The up and coming schedule is as follows:

Sept 27th - Low Back Pain & Sciatica: Dr. Chad Beauchamp

Oct 11th - Shoulder Pain (Overhead Athlete): Dr. Chad Beauchamp

Oct 25th - Yoga/Meditation/Breathing/Mindfulness: Justyn & Jenn

Nov 8th - The Aging & Athletic Knee: Dr. Chad Beauchamp & Dr. Dee

Nov 22nd - Holistic Nutrition: Risa

This Hot Deal is promoted by Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce.